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Cerdo en pastoreo : todo natural, de alta calidad, criado por estudiantes.

The Adolescents

12 - 15 years 

Our Adolescent Community:

Our Adolescents will develop within themselves the fundamental habits, attitudes, skills, and ideas that are essential for a lifetime of creative thinking and learning. This includes: a positive attitude towards school and learning, a sense of high esteem, concentration, abiding curiosity, initiative, persistence, inner discipline, and social behavior.  

Words from Maria Montessori: 

"Education should therefore include the two forms of work, manual and intellectual, for the same person, and thus make it understood by practical experience that these two kinds complete each other and are equally essential to a civilized existence."

From Childhood to Adolescence, p. 65

Our Adolescent Farm 

On our farm the adolescents have a safe environment to understand how society is organized and to find their place within. On a daily basis they experience the value and challenge of human interdependence and learn ways to navigate that successfully. Students care for the animals land, and the people in their community through: 

  • Caring for the hogs. 

  • Managing the budget for the farm and the classroom. 

  •  Marketing their meat 

  • Repairing and maintaining the facilities 

  • Collaborating with local farmers to discover better practices and build partnerships. 

Adolescent Child taking care of the schools farm
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